Crash Recovery System Information for Rescue Services

This information portal is targeted at rescue services within the European Union that are involved in the extrication of victims from crashed vehicles.
This is your source for all relevant safety information required for a fast, efficient and safe extrication.

The Crash Recovery System is an interactive compilation, all components can be displayed or removed from the screen by operating the buttons. Furthermore the data concerning these components is immediately displayed by simply clicking on the object. The information available in the datasheet contains:

  • Airbags
  • Gasgenerators
  • Seatbelt pretensioners
  • Body reinforcements
  • Automatic Rollbars
  • Batteries
  • Occupant Classification Systems
  • Fuel tank

Apart from information concerning vehicle safety systems the users will also find practical information on steering column adjustment or unlocking and opening the hood or trunk, where a battery could be located. All this contributes to a faster and safer extrication. To get access to the information of the Crash Recovery System please register on this website.

About us

Moditech Rescue Solutions BV is a dynamic IT company that specialises in the design and implementation of mobile information systems for emergency and rescue services. This is built on more than ten years of experience in data acquisition and software development for the collision repair industry. Over the years, we have collected ample detailed technical information for virtually all car and truck models on the European market. Due this experience and contacts within the automotive industry we have developed a system that enables rescue workers to dislocate victoms from crashed vehicles very accurate and safely.

What we do

At Moditech Rescue Solutions BV a team of technical engineers is continuously working on the analysis and processing of important safety information of vehicles. Goal is to make this information as fast and efficiently as possible available for emergency and rescue services. This contributes to work more rapidly and safely during an extrication.

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